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ICON Research

At ICON Research, our main objective is to give cancer patients access to new cancer treatments by means of clinical trials. We aim to develop a sustainable comprehensive integrated clinical trials portfolio enabling us to become one of the leading providers of clinical trials in the private sector in Australia. A ranking of our priorities flagged the need for an e-health Platform to operationally manage and financially support our clinical trials portfolio as we believed we were consistently under-recovering our study entitlements. We are so pleased we chose MAISi as our dedicated clinical trials site management software.


ICON Research

ICON Group

After conducting research into available software options, we decided to install the MAISi software and went live with the end-to-end package in November 2016.  We have not looked back since.  Not only have we recovered our initial capital outlay; we are now on top of managing patient flow, clinical staff workloads and reaping the financial rewards this tool offers.  The dedicated Agile Health team has been wonderfully responsive to further requests for product updates, and worked hand-in-hand with us from the beginning.  We are so pleased we chose MAISi as our dedicated clinical trials site management software.


Linda Knox
Finance Manager, ICON Research

Austin Health

I have been using Osiris web scheduler for about 2 years now and I am especially pleased with the latest version of the Scheduler. This program has helped us improve the overall patient’s flow throughout the unit, significantly reducing waiting time, improving chair occupancy, and reducing errors as well as time spent on booking patients for treatment. The technical support team is friendly and always there to answer my questions. Des and Nick respond to my urgent requests immediately and fix problems promptly. Thank you!

Iga Debska
Day Oncology, Olivia Newton-John Wellness & Research Centre, Austin Health Melbourne

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