You need an end-to-end solution to…

  1. Manage a repository of clinical trial data for several clinical trial units that may be spread
    over multiple sites.
  2. Manage workflow of clinical trials through Feasibility, Ethics Submission, Start Up, Activity Cessation and archiving.
  3. Track documents and communications related to studies.
  4. Manage patients through Consent, Screening, Eligibility, Treatment, Follow up and Termination.
  5. Manage patient visits: generation, rescheduling, cancellation, etc.
  6. Make it easier for relieving staff to take over when covering for holidays and departures

With sophisticated financial management capabilities to…

  1. Record costs against all investigative procedures.
  2. Create a budget in a form that is easy to compare with a sponsor’s budget. 
  3. Continually monitor each study’s financial health.
  4. Proactively bill per-patient payments.
  5. Ensure that billing of invoiceable items and patient reimbursements are not overlooked.

Experience shows that sites using MAISi have been able to virtually eliminate underbilling, resulting in up to an additional 20% to 30% recovery.

…and, you want to achieve all of your desired outcomes while maintaining a Low Cost of Ownership. MAISi provides a superior solution, at a comparatively lower cost to many other health-industry systems, in addition to being more efficient to manage and operate. Contact us today and let us show you how.


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